We created eTools for Health for and with consumers.

The suite of short videos, games, and tip sheets reflect consumers’ suggestions and interests and promote both health self-management and engagement. We want the content to be credible, therefore every component is expertly researched and verified. The health and mobility topics are wide-ranging and dynamic. We update topics when clinical standards within a subject area change. 

Our new content appears in the eTools library on a regular basis and often in conjunction with clients’ requests.

Ultimately, the goal of the eTools for Health is to reduce preventable health care crises.

For more information, contact us at eTools for Health.



The eTools for Health is a product of Silver Otter Strategies, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Greater Lynn Senior Services, in Lynn, Massachusetts. Silver Otter Strategies seeks to address the triple aims of health care reform – better health outcomes, better health, and lower health care costs – through the development of innovative and effective tools, supports, and programming designed to inspire sustained consumer engagement and increase health awareness and effective self-management.